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ANAPLOUS realizes and fully undertakes the responsibility which is upon it not only for those with whom it cooperates, and our clients in general, but also to the public. ANAPLOUS carefully acts in a systematic manner so that this responsibility is expressed through specific acts which bring desired results. Finally, the company reinvests a portion of its profits in activities which serve social interests in a way which fully utilizes our know-how through means which benefit the public.


Example areas of public benefit include:

− Participation and facilitation in organizing, implementing, and promoting activities by other cultural providers; and financial support for non-profit organizations and legal entities through communications support.

− Facilitation for students acquiring experience in best practices to expand their capabilities by becoming familiar with ANAPLOUS policies, staff effectiveness and efficiency.

− Making information available to the public to expand their appreciation of culture and participation in cultural training programs.

− Systematic support and facilitation of new artists by means of state-of-the-art practices.


Selectively are shown the following projects:


> The Blender Gallery
The company appears in the gallery's network of "Friends" and offers support in communication and public relation issues.

> eDGe.Piraeus
A bilateral multifaceted visual arts project implemented by
Berlin Weissensee Art Academy in collaboration with the School of Fine Arts in Athens. Communications and public relations support.

> Sales Institute of Greece
Support to the New Year's welcome ceremony.


> Ministry of Education & Religious Affairs
General Secretary for Lifelong Learning and the Youth
Foundation for the Youth and Lifelong Learning

Consulting offered to two young holders
of the European Youth Card.


> British Council
Think Social. Act Business. Thessaloniki

Communication support and workshop implementation.


> Dionysis Grammenos
National and international performances project planning, support of communications, public relations and personal image making.


> Greek Byzantine Choir, Direction: Lykourgos Angelopoulos
Communication & public relations support.

> Mato Ioannidou: places - landscapes
Communication & public relations support.


> Pascaline Bossu: "A Habitat – An Idea – A World"
Communication support.

> Stella Gadedi: "At the outskirts of the city"
Communication Support was offered for the performance at Megaron, The Athens Concert Hall.


> "Hospitals-Clinics: Sites for Culture"
Designing, organizing and implementing an entertainment program for the patients and staff carried out in 26 hospitals in the Attica area for the festivities of Christmas and the New Year.

> Danube Music Festival Communication support.

> Greek Byzantine Choir:
Vespers for the Protection of the Environment".
Support for the production and presentation of the CD publication.


> Anthi Valsamaki & students from her workshop:
"Transcended water".
Organization and communication support of the exhibition held for launching the campaign to build a school in Nigeria.

> Helen Tsotsorou "Labyrinth: The Way Out"
Coordinated the communication, creation and production of the exhibition catalogue.


> Hellenic Culture Organization: "Project THALIS"
Completed study for music thematic performances, events and presentation of the work and project in the Prefecture of Fthiotis.

> Helen Tsotsorou: "Oxygen"
Support for the arrangements for the launching of the exhibition


> Hellenic Culture Organization:
"1st Balkan Performing Arts Market"
Support and provisions for the participation of 3 music ensembles and production of a CD for the promotion of contemporary Greek music compositions.


> WOMEX – The Stage Gateshead, International Market (North England) for music composers and performing artists.
A leaflet was published for the presentation and promotion of Greek music ensembles. ANAPLOUS took part to further its culture and business relations.

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